Investigations of Immunization Coverage Rates of Infants and Children in Five Cities and Counties in Taiwan

P.H. Lee

1993 Vol.9 NO.3

Correspondence Author:


With the improvement in nutrition and environmental sanitation, the promotion of immunization and the availability of medical care, infant mortality in the recent years has dropped sharply from 44.71 per 1,000 live births in 1952 to only 5.05 in 1991. This achievement though is remarkable, unless a high immunization coverage rate of various vaccines in due time is maintained, the sources of infection will increase, and once the pathogens attack, outbreaks could result!|. The poliomyelitis outbreak in 1982 ending in 1,043 cases and 98 deaths, and the measles outbreaks every two to three years are some examples. In 1988 alone, there were still some several thousand reported cases of measles2. These facts indicate the importance of immunization in the prevention of infectious diseases.