An Investigation of a Bacillary Dysentery Outbreak in an Elementary School in Kuanmiao Township, Tainan County

Jiang DD

2002 Vol.18 NO.12

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An epidemiological study was conducted to investigate the scope, the mode of transmission, and the likely risk factors of an outbreak of bacillary dysentery in Kuanmiao elementary school, Tainan County. A total of 28 students met the case definition of bacillary dysentery, giving an overall attack rate of 3.3%. The results of analysis of risk factors, inspection of school water supply, kitchen sanitary, and process of lunch food preparation showed that both contaminated water and school lunch were not associated with the outbreak of bacillary dysentery in Kuanmiao elementary school. Since all 28 cases could be linked in terms of person (schoolmates, relatives), time (sequences of dates of onset), and place (location of classrooms, residences), the route of transmission of the outbreak was believed to be the person-to-person contact.