Reviewing The Legal Formation Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic And Analyzing The Revision of Communicable Disease Control Act

DOI: 10.6525/TEB.202210_38(19).0001

Yu-Ling Chang*, Jen-Che Tsai

2022 Vol.38 NO.19

Correspondence Author: Yu-Ling Chang*

  • Division of Planning and Coordination, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan


        During the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the Special Regulations on Prevention, Relief and Revitalization for Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens (hereinafter referred to as “Special Act”) was enacted for a certain duration in addition to the Communicable Disease Control Act. The article aims to study the added provisions on epidemic prevention according to three tiers: incentives and assistance for preventive and control measures, reinforcing existing regulations, and increasing liability and use of personal information for specific offenders. Furthermore, we analyzed the differences between the Special Act and the Communicable Disease Control Act and provided suggestions for the revision of the Communicable Disease Control Act in the future.