Taiwan Pathogenic Microorganism Genome Database and Its Applications

Yuan-Pin Huang, Ching-Yuan Yao, Yu-Ju Chen, Po-Cheng Chuang, Li-Ching Hsu, Ho-Sheng Wu

2010 Vol.26 NO.21

Correspondence Author: Yuan-Pin Huang


Taiwan CDC established the “Taiwan Pathogenic Microorganism Genome Database” (website address: http://tpmgd.cdc. gov.tw/tpmgd_public) to integrate the virus gene sequences and epidemiological information, which is the unique pathogenic microorganism genome database with integrity and diversity in nation. Through pathogen data analysis and monitoring gene sequence variation, the database provides valuable molecular and epidemiological information for disease control purposes, as well as developing pathogen test technologies and a powerful tool for assessing the effectiveness of the vaccine. This database contains over 11,000 records including essential sequences and epidemiological information of enterovirus, influenza virus, and adenovirus. Taiwan CDC updates domestic information in the database frequently and also imports virus sequences released from National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and World Health Organization (WHO). The database has successfully provided epidemic prediction model for Taiwan local influenza virus, antigenicity and drug resistance surveillance for 2009 H1N1 influenza, rapid comparison of Enterovirus 71 subtypes, and provided warning for enterovirus outbreaks in the early 2008. Inquiry and sharing of information in the database is open to public access and free of charge. We expect by sharing the pathogenic microorganism genome database could improve the output for related health technologies and collaboration and communication with international society in pathogens information.