H1N1 Influenza Outbreak of Foreign Students in a Chinese Summer Camp

Wan-Ching Chen

2009 Vol.25 NO.8

Correspondence Author: Wan-Ching Chen


On June 6, 2009, Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan CDC) received a report from a university personnel using the 1922 phone report system in Taipei City. The report stated that several students from the States, Canada, and Hong Kong who were participating in a Chinese language summer camp program started to show symptoms of respiratory infection and were asking for medical assistance. After receiving the report, the Department of Health of Taipei City Government immediately visited the program’s counselors and collected health status information from each student. They also asked that university to provide the medical records of the summer camp students. The data was then analyzed by the First Branch of Taiwan CDC. Eight of the cases’ specimens were tested positive for the H1N1 influenza by the Research and Diagnostic Center of Taiwan CDC; thus becoming the first H1N1 influenza outbreak in the country.