An Influenza Outbreak in a College in Taoyuan County, 2010

Chia-Ping Su1, 2, Li-Fang Su3,Angela S. Huang2

2011 Vol.27 NO.5

Correspondence Author: Chia-Ping Su


Although World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the world has entered the post-pandemic phase of 2009 pandemic H1N1 in August 2010, the virus continued to circulate and resulted in several outbreaks in Taiwan. One of the outbreak occurred in a class of a college in Taoyuan County, which spread to another class despite some control measures undertaken by the school. Taiwan Centers for Diseases Control (Taiwan CDC) intervened, isolated the patients, educated the school, gave chemoprophylaxis to the class, and vaccinated the students. The outbreak stopped gradually. Specimens taken from the patients were positive for 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus. There was no severe drug-related adverse event found in questionnaires administered to students receiving anti-viral agents. In post-pandemic phase, small-scale influenza outbreaks occurred from time to time, especially in young adults and adults whose vaccine coverage rates were relatively low. In addition to cough etiquette and health education, timely chemoprophylaxis and improvement of vaccine coverage are top priorities in dealing with influenza outbreaks.