The Prevention Strategies for Dengue Fever in Macau

DOI: 10.6525/TEB.201908_35(15).0001

Aimei Mao*, Si Nga Ho

2019 Vol.35 NO.15

Correspondence Author: Aimei Mao*

  • Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau, Macau Special Administrative Region


     The World Health Organization has laid out dengue as one of the ten big threats to global health in 2019. Macau is located in a subtropical area suitable for mosquito breeding. Each year Macau attracts tens of millions of tourists with lots of them coming from South China or Southeast Asia, the regions often witnessing dengue outbreaks. Macau experienced its own dengue outbreak in 2001 and even since has established a comprehensive preventive system. This system is led by public health organizations with participation of non-governmental groups and community residents. Health education and mosquito eradications are the essential components of the preventive strategies. Due to long hot and humid summer time and compacted living space in Macau, personal protections from mosquitoes such as household window screens, long-sleeved clothes, and insecticide treated materials, were often insufficient, leaving the preventive measures largely depending on the vector control carried out by the government. Also the vector control was compromised by the government’s limited access to the abandoned private properties. Further, the majority of dengue cases in Macau were imported, implying the loose surveillance on borders. Suggestions are offered for better prevention in future.