Outbreak of Foreign Workers Contracted with Rubella in the Miaoli and Taoyuan District, 2007

Shih-Chuan Wang

2008 Vol.24 NO.7

Correspondence Author: Shih-Chuan Wang


Foreign workers infected with Rubella in Toufen Township of Miaoli County and Guanyin Township of Taoyuan County were reported on the 4th and 6th of June, 2007. After further investigation of the cases, other suspected cases were discovered among the workers living in the dormitories. In order to determine the scale of the epidemic and trace the origin, the medical records of the foreign workers were examined according to their symptoms of Rubella. The cases involved in the two outbreaks were all foreign workers with a total of 46 people diagnosed with Rubella. In consideration of their labor history and the living environment, the Centers of Disease Control administered a wide scale MMR vaccine. A total of 1,662 shots were administered to all foreign workers involved in the two outbreaks. After the preventive measures were administered, no further suspected Rubella cases were reported in Miaoli and Taoyuan counties on July 2 and 14, showing control of the epidemic. In addition, this outbreak of Rubella infections has lead to the prevention of diseases from overseas and increasing the validity of the diagnosis report time to become the main points in preventative measures.
Keywords: Rubella, foreign workers, outbreak, MMR vaccine