Importation Related Nosocomial Measles Cluster in Taipei Area, 2009

Ching-Chi Chang, Mei-Chen Peng, Shih-Hao Liu, Wang-Chin Cheng

2010 Vol.26 NO.4

Correspondence Author: Ching-Chi Chang



During the latter half of February, 2009, the Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan, received report of six suspected cases of measles which were confirmed by laboratory examination later. Epidemiologic investigation of the six cases was conducted to trace the possible source of infection. It was found that the original source of infection came from an imported case of measles that transmitted infection to the index case, who subsequently infected five other patients. The venue of transmission involved two hospitals in the northern and southern area of Taiwan. Due to the increased risk of measles transmission from imported infectious cases, it is important for public health authorities to improve the knowledge regarding measles in the general population and to reduce the number of individuals who are susceptible to measles infection. In addition, hospitals should strengthen their hospital-acquired infection control measures, and clinicians need to raise their level of awareness toward the differential diagnosis of measles for better control of measles infection in Taiwan.