Outbreak of Staphylococcal Food Poisoning in a Tour Group - Hwalien and Han Counties

Ilan and Hwalien County Health Bureaus

1986 Vol.2 NO.9

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On July 22, 1986, an outbreak of gastroenteritis occurred in a tour group of 95 farmers from Pingtung County visiting northern Taiwan. On July 21, the group stayed in a hotel in Hwalien City and departed for Ilan County the following morning with lunch boxes prepared by the hotel restaurant. The lunch boxes were prepared at 5 am, held all day at room temperature, and eaten around noon. Eighty-five (89%) of the 95 farmers were available for interview Among these, 26 (31%) did not eat lunch boxes and none became
ill By comparison. 27 (46%) of 59 persons who ate the lunch boxes, became ill (p<0.001). Symptoms included vomiting (78%), abdominal pain (67%), and diarrhea (56%) The median incubation period was 3 hours (Figure 1). Although duration of illness was brief (<24 hours), symptoms were severe and 11 persons were hospitalized. Vomitus was collected from 22 persons treated in an Ilan City emergency room and was positive for Staphy-lococcus aureus