Distribution of Rodent Population in the Nankan Area,Matsu Islands

Wong MH

1999 Vol.15 NO.8

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Between 1994 and 1996, 53 rodents of four Rodentir species had been caught on Nankan Island of Matsu. They included Rattus novegicus (Berkenhout, 1976), Rattus losea (Swinhoe, 1871), Mus musculus (Linnaeus, 1758), and Rattus rattus (Linnaeus, 1758). In addition, 61 rodents of the Insectivore species, Suncus murinus (Linnaeus, 1766), had also been caught. Rattus novegicus and Suncus murinus are rampant on the island. In November 1998, two months before the national mousing week, the rodent densities at Fuhsing and Chiehshou villages of the island estimated by regression analysis were 0.29 and 3.8 rodents per household respectively. In March 1999, two months after the national mousing week, the densities were 0.25 and 0.13 respectively. The effectiveness of the control program was 13.8% and 96.6% respectively. Reasons for the differences are discussed in the following paragraphs.