Tuberculosis Control in Taiwan

C E Chang

1990 Vol.6 NO.5

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Correspondence Author:

1) Infection Rate:
The average infection rate of tuberculosis in Taiwan was 3% in 1951. Since the BCG vaccination program in 1940, the infection rate has been estimated from surveys of people not vaccinated with BCG. The rate thus estimated may not reflect the real infection rate, the downward trends provide some information. The average infection rate in 1972 was 1 3%. It had declined in the years between 1982 and 1987 to 1%, 0.68%, 0 77%, 0 7%, 0.56%, and 0 51 % respectively The average infection rate of developed countries is lo,wer than 0 1%; that of the developing countries is between 0 1 % and 1%, and declining at 4-5% annually More needs to be done in the control of tuberculosis in Taiwan