A Preliminary Estimate of HIV Infection and Prevalence Rates in Taiwan

1992 Vol.8 NO.1

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Since the first AIDS case was identified in 1981, the number of cases has increased sharply in USA. To estimate the prevalence and incidence rates of AIDS and IUV is important. Methods of estimates are many, including the back-calculation and the extrapolation methods. All methods base their calculation on data of past observation or surveillance, and the estimate are adjusted from time to time. A review by US CDC estimates that there are currently around one million I-IIV carriers in USA, giving a prevalence rate of 4 per 1,000, and the number is increasing at about 42,000 persons per year, giving an annual incidence rate of 2 per 10,000. They vary by sex, geographical area, ethnic group, age and the degree of exposure to risky behavior.