Training of Field Workers for Prevention and Control of Dengue Fever-The Example of “Breeding Site Elimination Mentoring Project”, 2018

DOI: 10.6525/TEB.202106_37(12).0001

Hsiu-Ping Huang1*, Min-Tsung Lin1, Du-Ling Lin1, Shao-Hui Tsai1, Pei-Fang Lai1, Ching-Fen Ko1, 2, Pi-Long Liu1

2021 Vol.37 NO.12

Correspondence Author: Hsiu-Ping Huang1*

  • 1Central Regional Center, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan
  • 2Department of Public Health, Tzu Chi University, Taiwan  


        Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (TCDC) organized the dengue fever working group to control the dengue outbreak in Taichung City in 2018. We planned the “Breeding site elimination mentoring project” to train the public health field workers in the local government. During the outbreak, we planned "Larvae elimination project", "Infection control of dengue fever in hospital setting", "Dengue fever elimination project", and "Prevention and control of mosquitoes at the Flower Expo". We trained public health workers in the field. A total of 569 workers were qualified. The outbreak ended in December 25, 2018. The qualified worker participated in 175 vector control activities with a total of 7,368 person-times. The most important aspect to control the dengue outbreak is to eliminate the mosquito breeding sites. We trained public health workers in the field and hope that the skillful personnel become the key persons and mentors in dengue vector control.