Operation Status and Experience of Running Central Epidemic Command Center for Dengue Fever in 2010

Ying-Tzu Liu1, Jen-Hsin Wang2, Jhy-Wen Wu1, Chia-Chi Lee3, Yu-Chi Lin1,Cheng-Chuan Liu1, Ching-Shun Hsiao4, Yi-Bing Kuo5, Ding- Ping Liu1

2012 Vol.28 NO.13

Correspondence Author: Ying-Tzu Liu


The dengue fever epidemic in 2009 lasted until February followed by only a few sporadic cases in March with no large scale epidemics occurring until August of 2010. After August, the number of dengue fever cases continually increased. Significant dengue fever epidemics occurred in Tainan County and Kaohsiung City which later spread to further epidemics in Tainan City and Kaohsiung County. Due to the continuous spread of the epidemic, the Department of Health applied and was granted the permission from Executive Yuan to establish the “Central Epidemic Command Center for Dengue Fever” on October 21 to coordinate and monitor preventive measures, establish a First Line Command Post in Southern Taiwan, and supervise the implementation of the first line works of disease control. During the operation of the Central Epidemic Command Center for Dengue Fever, various Ministries and Agencies of the Executive Yuan provided resources and preventive manpower in cooperating with the local government facilities leading to significant decrease in the epidemic and were able to effectively control it as of the end of December, 2010, lowering the social impact to a minimum. Overall, the establishment of the Central Epidemic Command Center for Dengue Fever has been a great benefit in its function of integrating preventive measures and greatly influencing in controlling dengue fever epidemics.