Analysis of the Sex Ratios of AIDS Cases/IUV Carriers in Taiwan

Y.C. Ko

1993 Vol.9 NO.7

Correspondence Author:


Data published by the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan, ROC, show that since the first 10 HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) carriers were identified in Taiwan in 1984, all HIV carriers up to 1987 were either hemophiliac patients or homo-/bi-sexuals. It was not until 1988 when the first female carrier was identified, the sex ratio of carriers then was 60 male to one female. Thereafter, more female carriers had been identified, and by the end of December 1992, of a total of 407 carriers, 386 were male and 21, female, giving a sex ratio of 18 male to I female. Of the 63 cases, 59 were male and 4, female, giving a sex ratio of 15 male to 1 female(1).