Abstract of Outbreak Investigation Express--Investigation of Melioidosis Outbreak after Typhoon Morakot in Zuoying and Nanzih Districts, Kaohsiung City

Min-Nan Hung

2009 Vol.25 NO.9

Correspondence Author: Min-Nan Hung


Typhoon Morakot brought the heaviest rainfall in five decades, which caused severe mudslides in mountainous areas of southern Taiwan, and leaving hundreds injured or dead. It was also considered as the main trigger of outbreak of melioidosis in the south.
This report described community outbreak of melioidosis, after Typhoon Morakot in Zuoying and Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City, which caused 10 cases of melioidosis and one fatal. Patients’ age ranges from 31 to 84 years-old. Among them, eight were male, and six had diabetes mellitus. For clinical presentations, two had wound infection with bacteremia, and most of the others had pneumonia or primary septicemia. It remains an endeavored issue on how to effectively prevent melioidosis after the disaster.
Keywords: Typhoon, Melioidosis