Isolation of Influenza Viruses and Influenza Epidemics in the Taiwan Area, 1999-2002

Lin CH

2002 Vol.18 NO.9

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Influenza virus is a most infectious, and one of the most active pathogenic microorganisms in the Taiwan Area each year. It causes in every winter upper respiratory infections in many elderly persons and young children. Some may even die of serious complications. It, therefore, is a threat to the life of many. Influenza viruses come in three types, A, B and C. Types A and B infect humans primarily. Type A influenza virus was first isolated by Smith, Andrews, Laidlaw, et al. in 1933; and type B in 1936 by Francis(1). In 1940, Burnet found that influenza virus could be multiplied in embryonated hen’s eggs. Studies of the specific features of the virus and development of attenuated vaccines thus began. That vaccines were