Surveillance and Analysis of Cat-Scratch Disease, Taiwan, 2012

Shu-Chun Chiu1, Shih-Hui Chiu1, Hsiu-I Wang2, Jung-Jung Mu1

2013 Vol.29 NO.18

Correspondence Author: Shu-Chun Chiu

  • 1. Research and Diagnostic Center, Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan
  • 2. Fifth Branch, Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan


       This study analyzes cases of cat-scratch disease (CSD) in Taiwan, 2012. Demographically, most infected persons were aged ≤39 years; ≥80% of infected persons aged ≤10 years was hospitalized. There is no difference in infection between sexes. More cases occurred in northern and central Taiwan. There was no obvious seasonality during the year, but more cases occurred from late summer to early fall. Cat-scratch disease is associated with animal contact, especially cats. Early symptoms of the disease are similar to the common cold. However, with disease progression, lymphadenopathy develops. Before reporting the disease, doctors can ask patients about their animal contact history, and use information on possible disease among other family members, patient occupation, and environment around the house to identify possible source of infections. In the future, in addition to continue surveillance of cat-scratch disease, health education for the people with pets at home should be conducted to decrease the risk of infection among the public.