Investigation of Tuberculosis Cluster in a Keelung City Hospital

Chin-Mei Liu1,2, Donald Dah-Shyong Jiang2,Ya-Jung Hu1, Hao-Shih Liu1,Pei-Chun Chuang 3, Min-Ho Lai1

2010 Vol.26 NO.2

Correspondence Author: Chin-Mei Liu



In 2007 between October 3 and October 8, a hospital in Keelung City reported four tuberculosis (TB) cases; three of them were workers of the pathology department. Epidemiologic investigation of the relationship between the patients, place, and time suggested that case 1 might have transmitted the disease to his spouse (case 2), who then transmitted it to two co-workers (cases 3 and 4). Cases 2, 3, and 4 were the same cluster confirmed by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP), suggesting a TB cluster may have occurred in the hospital. Epidemiologic evaluation and preventive measures were carried out by the hospital and the Keelung City Health Bureau, with assistance from the Tuberculosis Advisory Team. The cluster was effectively contained and did not spread further in the hospital. All cases completed their TB treatment on May 9, 2008.