An Outbreak of Type A Botulism Due to Commercially Preserved Peanuts - Chang Hwa County

ID Wang

1987 Vol.3 NO.3

Correspondence Author:


On October 14, 1986. the Bureau of Disease Control (BDC) was notified by a physician at the National Taiwan University Hospital about a possible outbreak of botulism among workers at a printing factory in Chang Hwa City This physician had been called to investigate a group of workers with neurologic symptoms thought to be caused by exposure to an industrial chemical. He concluded that the illness was not due to an occupational exposure, and workers’ symptoms were compatible with acute botulism intoxication. An epidemiologic investigation by the Department of Health (DOH) revealed that seven of 40 factory workers were ill, including the factory cook ho had no exposure to industrial chemicals. Onset of symptoms occurred from September 28-30(Table 1). Signs and symptoms among the seven ill workers included ptosis (7). diploplia (6), difficulty swallowing (6). slurred speech (5).