Investigation into a Cluster Infection of Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome from a Navy Ship

Dah-Shyong Jiang

2007 Vol.23 NO.6

Correspondence Author: Dah-Shyong Jiang


Between March and May 2006, three members from a navy ship were reported and diagnosed with hemorrhagic fever and renal syndrome. Serum samples of these three cases were tested positive for Hanta virus antibody and the viral type was confirmed to be of Seoul type. Serum samples of their six family members and 84 co-workers of these cases were negative for antibody against Hanta virus. Norway rats were suspected to be related to the cluster infection of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome due to the fact that these three infected cases were all living in the same room on the ship, and Hanta virus of the Seoul type were identified from both Norway rats captured on the ship and the two harbors that the ship had parted. The three cases might be infected by contact with or inhalation of air-born particles contaminated with Hanta virus from waste products of Norway rats. No more cases of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome were reported after a period of disease control and prevention with cleaning, disinfecting the ship, blocking food sources for the rats, and executing infected rats. It proves that termination of rats is an effective measurement against hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.