Immunization Survey-Hwalien County

Hwalien County Health Bureau

1986 Vol.2 NO.8

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During the period June 1-30, the Eastern Mobile Surveillance Team assisted local health station nurses in Hwalien County in conducting a survey to determine immunization rates among children 12-23 months of age. A pilot survey showed 7 children in the target age group could be identified by visiting approximately 80 households in Hwa-lien County. The household registration office was visited in each township to obtain the list of all households in Hwa-lien County. Households were then grouped into clusters of approximately 80 households each producing a total of 917 clusters. From this list, 30 were selected at random to yield a final sample size of approximately 210 children in the target age group. This sample size is adequate to estimate immunization rates within 10% of true values with 95% confidence1. Interviewers visited all households in each cluster to identify children in the target age group and verify immunization status by either immunization card, health station or hospital record. Children without documented proof of immunization were counted as unimmunized. Children were counted as fully immunized if they had received all of the following vaccines: one dose of BCG, three doses of DPT and polio, and one dose of measles.