Dengue Fever Epidemic in Tainan, 2007

Chiao-Wen Lin

2009 Vol.25 NO.6

Correspondence Author: Chiao-Wen Lin


In Jun 15, 2007, the first probable case of Dengue fever was reported by Chi Mei Hospital. The health officials from Tainan City Health Bureau performed case investigation and expanded screening of the population and found there had been several cases of Dengue fever in An-Nan Li Borough of An-Nan District. The laboratory finding on Jun 24 proved that this patient, without travel history, was the first case of Dengue Fever in summer 2007. Afterward a large number of cases were found in Tainan County as well as the northern, eastern and southern areas of Tainan City, which became the most serious epidemic in the Tainan area in history. There were 2690 reported cases of dengue fever, including 1821 patients who were confirmed cases, 369 patients who were negative, and 501 patients who were diagnosed as uncertain cases. According to the date of disease onset, the epidemic peaked at the 45th week of the year with 269 cases recorded that week.
This study reviewed the 2007 Dengue Fever epidemic in Tainan, which consisted of an analysis of the demographic characteristics and geographic distribution of cases, a description of the action of the mobile disease control team, as well as results from monitoring of vector sources. It also discussed the control measures implemented in a veterans’ home and during the National Athletic Games that overlapped with the epidemic. Finally, it gave a summary of the Dengue Fever epidemic in 2007 and made recommendations accordingly.
Keywords: Tainan County and City, dengue fever, elimination of mosquito breeding sites