Outbreak of Gastroenteritis due to Vibrio parahemolyticus-Feng-Shan City, Kaohsiung County

Kaohsiung County Health Bureau

1986 Vol.2 NO.7

Correspondence Author:


During the period April 9-10, 1986, an outbreak of gastroenteritis occurred among 400-450 persons attending a wedding banquet in Feng-Shan City, Koahsiung County. The suspect meal was served from noon to 2 pm on April 9. Although a complete list of banquet attendees was unavailable, a door-to-door search in Feng-Shan City identified 114 persons who either attended the banquet or ate leftover food. Of these, 76 (67%) were ill. Symptoms included diarrhea (99%), abdominal pain (90%), vomiting (63%). and fever (29%). Onset of illness occurred during a 12-hour period from 8 pm the evening of the banquet to 8 am the following morning (Figure 1). The median incubation period was 14 hours (minimum=8 hours, maximum=20 hours). Stool specimens were collected from 17 ill persons. Fifteen (88%) were positive for Vibrio parahemolyticus; 13 were K-8 serotype, 2 were K- 13 serotype. No leftover food from the banquet was available for lab-oratory testing.