Dengue Control in South-East Asia and the Western Pacific


1989 Vol.5 NO.11

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The classical form of dengue fever (DF) has been known for more than a century in the tropical areas of the South-East Asia and Western Pacific Regions However, its severe form. dengue haemorrhagic form (DHF) as first ieeognized as a new disease in the Philippines in 1953 Since then, confirmed epidemics of this disease have been reported in tropical countries-namely . Burma. Indonesia and Thailand in South-East Asia: Kam-puchea. Laos. Malaysia. Singapore and Vietnam in the Western Pacific Reports of similar cases have been received h WHO from southern China. India and Sri Lanka (WHO. 1985)
Table I shows the number of cases and deaths due to DF/DHF for the year 1979-1987 for certain countries in the (so regions (the figures compiled from WHO Dengue Newsletter vol 11. 1985: vol. 12. 1986: vol 13. 1987: and Vol 14. 1989)
In almost all localities. sporadic cases of DF/DHF are usually reported a few years before the first outbreak. Viler a outbreaks the disease becomes endemic in the affected cities and a few years later it spreads to other highly populated cities and then to rural towns