Clonorchis sinensis in Taiwan

M.Y. Cheng

1990 Vol.6 NO.3

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Clonorchis sinensis, or Oriental liver fluke, is prevalent in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Fukien, Canton and Taiwan provinces of China In Taiwan, it th more prevalent in the Hakka villages of Pintung County, Chi-shan and Mei-nung townships of Koahsiung County, Kuo-hsing and Pu-li townships of Nantou County, and Shi-tang, Ta-hu and Chuo-lang townships of Miaoli County The disease seems to be related to the habit of eating raw fishes (sasimi) and other raw foods Surveys of intestinal parasites among 1 8 million school children by the Parasite Association of the Republic of China found 1,657 cases in 1978, 2,038 in 1979, 2,209 in 1980, and 994 in 1981 The infection rate in the endemic areas in Taiwan is estimated to be between
10 and 59%