Outbreak of Ga5troenteritls in a Vocational School - Yun Lin County

Yun Lin County Health Bureau

1985 Vol.1 NO.13

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On October 29, 1985, an outbreak of gastroenteritis occurred among students in a vocational school (enrollment 1,364) in Hu-Wei Township, Yun Lin County. Students became ill approximately 3-4 hours after lunch. Questionnaires were sent to all students, and 1,205 (88%) were returned. A total of 79 (7%) students were ill. Twenty-six (33%) were hospitalized. Symptoms included abdominal pain (70%), vomiting (56%), diarrhea (46%). and fever (28%), Stool and vomitus were collected from 16 persons, however, specimens were only tested for Vibrio, Salmonella and Shigella species. All were negative. Time of onset was available for 63 students; symptoms began 1-6 hours after lunch with a mean of 3.8 hours (Figure 2).