Investigating Bacillary Dysentery Outbreaks in Dabang and Shanmei Villages of Alishan Township, Chiayi County

Jiang DD

2002 Vol.18 NO.7

Correspondence Author:


The Saint Martin Hospital of Chiayi County reported on 9 April 2001 a bacillary dysentery case of a 66-year old female in Tefuyeh Tribe of Dabang Village, Alishan Township. As there had never been such cases in this area in the last ten some years, a large-scale epidemiological investigation was conducted. The investigation took primarily the forms of case interviews, survey of the residents, review of medical records of all medical care institutions in Alishan Township, and review of student school attendance, and healthcare records at schools. Surveillance stations for diarrhea patients were set up at the same time at the Alishan Health Station, medical units of the Saint Martin Hospital, the Chiayi Christian Hospital, the Wang FF Clinic, the Wang CL Clinic, the Dabang Primary School, the Sanmei Primary School, and the Dabang and Sanmei nurseries. Any individuals with two or more diarrhea in a day should be reported immediately and their rectal specimens collected for laboratory testing. These measures were taken to detect suspected cases. The epidemiological survey described the date of onset of each case, their distribution and their personal and geographic relationship to disclose the possible causes of infection and route of transmission.