Amendment to the Categories of Notifiable Communicable Diseases

2007 Vol.23 NO.11

Correspondence Author:


1.Starting from October 2007, reports of notifiable communicable diseases will be using Category 1 Communicable Diseases, Category 2 Communicable Diseases, Category 3 Communicable Diseases, Category 4 Communicable Diseases, Category 5 Communicable Diseases, and Other Communicable Diseases in accordance with the Disease Control Act, amended under Hua-Tsong 1 Yi  No. 09600091011 Announcement on July 18, 2007, the Categorization of Communicable Diseases and Prevention of the Category 4 and Category 5 Communicable Diseases, amended under Shr-So-Jr No. 0960000892 Announcement on October 9, 2007, as well as the HIV Infection Control and Patient Protection Act, amended under Hua-Tsong 1 Yi No 09600089621 Announcement on July 11, 2007.
2.Categorization of the Notifiable Communicable Diseases is as the following:
A.Category 1 Communicable Diseases: smallpox, black plague, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Rabies, Anthrax, and H5N1 Influenza
B.Category 2 Communicable Diseases: diphtheria, typhoid fever, Dengue fever, meningococcal meningitis, paratyphoid, poliomyelitis, bacillary dysentery, amoeba dysentery, malaria, measles, acute viral hepatitis A, intestinal hemorrhagic E. coli infection, Hantavirus syndrome, cholera, rubella, multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, Chikungunya fever, West Nile fever, epidemic typhus
C.Category 3 Communicable Diseases: pertussis, tetanus, Japanese encephalitis, tuberculosis (other than multi-drug resistant tuberculosis), leprosy, congenital rubella syndrome, acute viral hepatitis (other than hepatitis A), mumps, Legionnaires’ disease, Invasive Haemophilus influenzae type b Infectious, syphilis, gonorrhea, neonatal tetanus, Enteroviruses Infection Complicated Severe Case
D.Category 4 Communicable Diseases: Herpesvirus B Infection, Leptospirosis, melioidosis, botulism, invasive pneumococcal infection, Q fever, endemic typhus, Lyme disease, Tularemia, scrub typhus, chicken pox, cat scratch disease, Toxoplasmosis, Severe Complicated Influenza Case, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
E.Category 5 Communicable Diseases: Rift Valley fever, Marburg hemorrhagic fever, yellow fever, Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Lassa fever
F.Other Communicable Diseases: HIV infection, AIDS