Investigation report of a bacillary dysentery infection event from a university laboratory in central Taiwan in 2006

Wen-Chao Wu

2007 Vol.23 NO.1

Correspondence Author: Wen-Chao Wu


The bacillary dysentery event from a university laboratory in Taichung city in August 2006 involving a post-graduate student was the first confirmed laboratory-related infection after the use of “Regulations Governing Management of Infectious Biological Materials and Collection of Specimens from Patients of Communicable Diseases” since March 26, 2006. According to the investigations done by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) at the laboratory, this event was thought to be caused by indirect contact transmission from contaminated gloves while handling bacteria culture to the laboratory equipments or facilities due to inappropriate laboratory design and lighting. Although the university has established “Committee for Safety of Biological Experiments” in 2001, there is still room for improvement for its surveillance regards to the management of biosafety in laboratories. Biological research institutes handling infectious materials throughout the Nation should learn from this incidence to reinforce the function of their biosafety committees, regularly examine laboratories to ensure the safety of all facilities and equipments, and fulfill safety training and education for the personnel in order to prevent laboratory-related infections.