Investigation of a Food Poisoning Outbreak at a Welcoming Camp for Freshmen of Univeisity

CY Yao

1998 Vol.14 NO.4

Correspondence Author:


A welcoming camp was held at the Fairy World in Kuanhsi of Hsinchu County on 18-19 October 1997 for 180 freshmen of the day class of the Business Administration Department of a university in Taoyuan. Upon arrival at noon, each was given a picnic lunch containing one piece of chocolate-covered bread, one piece of onion-flavored bread and a bottle of mineral water (staff members had juice instead). The picnic lunch was bought from Bakery A near the university. Dinner of five dishes, soup and rice was served at the Fairy World restaurant. The snack of sandwiches (in three kinds: dried meat floss, chopped meat and cheese) served at 10:00 pm was bought from Store B near the university. At around 2 am, some students began to complain of symptoms of acute entero-gastritis such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever and chill and were medically cared for. As the number of students infected was large, and the local health bureau was not certain as to which meal or what food items induced the incident, the assistance of the FETP (Field Epidemiology Training Program) of the National Institute of Preventive Medicine, the Department of Health, was sought for. The FETP team began the investigation on 21 October.