Investigation of a Food Poisoning Outbreak in Four Schools in Tainan City and Tainan County

D.Y. Chao

1995 Vol.11 NO.11

Correspondence Author:


On 19 May 1995, the Bureau of Food Sanitation, Department of Health was notified that, on 18 May, after consuming boxed lunches from a local food preparation factory (Hao-hsiang-hsiang), many students of Chiachi and Kuanghua Girls’ High Schools in Tainan City, as well as the Kangming, and the Chengkuang High Schools in Tainan County, had developed symptoms of abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting for which they were treated. Since four different schools were concurrently involved, the number of persons affected was large; all had consumed the same foods from a single supplier. An investigation of the outbreak was conducted, in the hope of preventing any recurrences.