A report on measles and rubella surveillance in Taiwan, 2005

Wen-Yueh Cheng

2007 Vol.23 NO.4

Correspondence Author: Wen-Yueh Cheng


In 2005, forty (40) suspected cases of measles and 43 suspected cases of rubella were reported to CDC/Taiwan through the infectious diseases reporting system. Among them, 4 cases were reported as having both measles and rubella. Hence, a total of 79 suspected cases of measles/rubella were reported. A total of 66 cases were excluded and only 7 cases of measles and 6 cases of rubella were confirmed. Viral culture and serological examination showed that 2 cases of suspected measles and 1 suspected rubella were identified to be an enterovirus infection. In addition, adenovirus was isolated from a suspected measles case. Among the serologic tests, 4/79 were positive for parvo B19. Among the 19 cases under the age of 3, four were positive for HHV-6. Pathogens were identified in about 30% of reported cases.