Suboptimal Response to Hepatitis B Vaccine in Adults after Gluteel Injection

1985 Vol.1 NO.7

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Hepatitis B vaccine is a highly immunogenic and effective vaccine against hepatitis B virus infection in both adults and infants. Two recently published reports, however, showed only 82 percent and 68 percent of normal adults responded to hepatitis B vaccine (Merck, Sharp & Dohme).1,2 investigation of these and other reports by the vaccine manufacturer and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed suboptimal vaccine response rates but failed to identify any specific cause. The investigations did indicate, however .that in many instances the vaccine had been given in the gluteal rat he, than the deltoid region.3 Two recent retrospective telephone surveys were conducted among patients of hospitals or hemodyalisis units which vaccinated and tested persons after vaccination. One study was conducted by CDC and the other by the vaccine manufacturer. Both indicate vaccine injection site may be an important factor influencing vaccine response In both surveys, vaccine response rates were significantly higher in hospitals using deltoid rather than gluteal injections (Tables 2 and 31.