Causes of Death and Prognostic Factors of NIDDM Patients

KT Chen

1997 Vol.13 NO.7

Correspondence Author:


Many studies have found that the mortality of NIDDM (non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) patients is 2-6 times higher than that of the general population (1-3). This higher mortality is considered to be due to the higher prevalence rates of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cerebrovascular diseases, renal diseases and malignant neoplasms among diabetes patients (4, 5). Since 1993, diabetes has been the fifth leading cause of death in Taiwan. It is also a chronic disease of significantly increasing mortality (6). Although NIDDM is a serious public health problem in Taiwan, very little has been done to study it. The present study is to understand the conditions of NIDDM patients and their pregnostic factors.