An Epidemiological Investigation of a Food-Poisoning Outbreak in a Township in Taichung County

L.M. Chen

1996 Vol.12 NO.4

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Outdoor cooking, by either individually-employed cooks or restaurants, provides an inexpensive and lively occasion much enjoyed by the public. However, most of the food providers involved do not have definite business sites. Thus, their control is difficult and, unfortunately, they arc often a major cause of food-poisoning outbreaks. The “Report of Food Poisoning Outbreaks” based on statistics issued try the Department of Health shows that, among all food poisoning outbreaks in the year 1994, outdoor cooking was a serious cause, following only those restaurant sites where either contamination of foods or faults in food processing were identified. Outdoor cooking accounted for 9 outbreaks and 269 victims. Food preparation where both cooking and sanitary facilities are below standard poses many sanitary control problems. Epidemiological investigations are aimed at identifying causes of food-poisoning for the prevention and control of the resulting food-poisoning outbreaks.