Outbreak of Gastroenteritis Due to Vibrio parahemolyticu - Ta Liao Village, Kaohsiung County

Kaohsiung County Health Bureau

1986 Vol.2 NO.1

Correspondence Author:


In October 1985, an outbreak of gastroenteritis occurred among wedding banquet attendees in Ta Liao Village in Kaohsiung County. The banquet was served from 7-9 PM on October 12, and many attendees became ill within 12-24 hours. Although approximately 600 persons attended the banquet, many came from other towns and cities, and a complete guest list was unavailable. A door-to-door search in Ta Liao Village identified a total of 140 persons who either attended the banquet or ate leftover food. Of these, 99 (71%) were ill. Symptoms included diarrhea (92%). abdominal pain (62%), nausea or vomiting (32%), and fever (17%). The median incubation period was 14 hours and the median duration illness was 1-2 days. Thirty-seven (37%) cases sought medical atten-tion, 7 (7%) reqt hospitalization. Stool specimens were obtained from 21 ill persons; 9 were positive ibrio parahernolvricus, K-8 serotype