Outbreak of Hepatitis A Among Aborigine Villages -Ilan County

St. Mary’s Hospital

1986 Vol.2 NO.2

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From July-October 1985, an outbreak of hepatitis A occurred in three villages in Ilan County: In-Se, Su-Chi, and Nan-Shen. A similar outbreak among pre-school age children occurred in two neighboring villages (Sung-Lo and Lumpi) in April-July1. All five villages are inhabited by aboriginies of the same tribal group, and contact between villagers occurs frequently. The index case in the current outbreak was a 6 year-old boy who had visited relatives in a previously affected village one month before onset of symptoms. During the visit, the index case played with two children who had symptoms of hepatitis A infection. To identify cases of hepatitis A, in-patient records at St. Mary’s Hospital near Ilan City were reviewed from January 1, 1985. St. Mary’s is the medical facility used most frequently by aboriginies from the affected villages. A case of hepatitis A was defined as any patient from the three affected villages with elevated liver enzymes (either SGOT or