Norovirus Infection in A Taipei Regional Hospital and Its Laboratory Analysis


2004 Vol.20 NO.8

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On 24 February 2004, the Center for Disease Control received specimens of several suspect diarrheal patients from a Taipei regional Hospital. Since 20 February, 17 patients and one nurse showed symptoms of watery diarrhea, fever and vomiting. By 3 March, a total of 37 cases had such symptoms. Upon investigation it was revealed that some of these patients were hospitalized and undergoing treatment after having been tracheotomized or intubated due to respiratory distress. According to the time of onset of the disease the incubation period was estimated to be 1-3 days. Subsequently, the Viral Laboratory received 36 rectal swabs and two fecal specimens of patients, 11 rectal swabs and one fecal specimen of the employees, and one rectal swab of a family member of the employee.