Hyperuricemia in Ilan County

S.C. Lai

1991 Vol.7 NO.10

Correspondence Author:


The Field Epidemiology Training Program was informed by the Ilan County Health Bureau in April 1991 that some suspected cases of high serum uric acid were found among some elderly persons of Tung-Au Census Trocts, Su-Au Township in a physical examination by the St. Mary Hospital of Lotung. In January 1991, the FETP, while conducting an epidemiological investigation of hepatitis A in Tung-Yueh Village neighboring Tung-Au Census Tracts, had also found some suspected gouty arthritis cases. An investigation in both Tung-Au Census Tracts and Tung-Yueh Village was thus decided upon. The investigation, because of time and manpower limitations, was to be conducted on a voluntary basis. The purpose was to understand the level of serum uric acid among persons examined and to identify risk factors related to hyperuricemia.