A Food Poisoning Outbreak Involving University Students at the Hohuan Campsite in Pinglin Township, Taipei County

Jiang DD

2002 Vol.18 NO.2

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The purpose of the epidemiological investigation was to identify the possible pathogen and food items related to the food poisoning outbreak on September 30 and October 1, 2000. The outbreak involved with several hundreds of students from four universities on the occasions of either welcoming new students or field training activities at the Hohuan Campsite in Pinglin Township, Taipei County. The investigation applied the case-control method with a semi-structured questionnaire. The questionnaire contained questions on the background information, major complaints, onset time of symptoms, medication, time of recovery, time of food intake, and food items eaten. A total of 317 copies of the questionnaire were collected from students of the Business Administration Department of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), the Life Science Department of the National Yangming University, the International Trade Department of the Mingchuan University, the Spots and Recreation Club of the Mingchuan University and the Huafan University. Analysis was made primarily on the 86 copies of the questionnaire collected from students of the NTUST.