Measles Outbreak in an Elementary School

Penghu County Health Bureau

1985 Vol.1 NO.13

Correspondence Author:


During September and October 1985, an outbreak of measles occurred among elementary school students in Chi Mei Township, Penghu County (Pescadores Islands). The index case was a fourth grade female student with onset of rash on September 7. This student traveled by air to Kaohsiung City on August 21 and was taken to a hospital emergency room for a gastrointestinal illness and held overnight for observation. After discharge, she stayed with an aunt for 9 days during which time she had no contact with other children who had measles. She returned to Chi Mei on September 1 and attended school until September 4, when she developed fever, On September 17 and 18, 6 out of 42 of her classmates had onset of measles rash (Figure 1). Her 8 year-old brother, a second grade