Personal Protective Measures Against Arthropod-borne Infectious Diseases

Mei-Chy Wang1, Pi-Long Liu2, Yen-Chih Liu3

2013 Vol.29 NO.17

Correspondence Author: Yen-Chih Liu

  • 1. Fooyin University
  • 2. Fourth Branch, Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan
  • 3. Jiasian District Public Health Center, Kaohsiung City


       In Taiwan, the insect-borne infectious disease that residents are most familiar with is probably dengue fever, which causes thousands of infections each year. Scrub typhus and Japanese encephalitis are the other two common insect-borne infectious diseases in Taiwan. It is not easy to eliminate or contain these arthropod-associated diseases and avoiding arthropod bites is still the most effective way to reduce the risk of infection. Although there are many insect repellent products on the market, it is important to choose the most suitable and effective product in order to obtain the best personal protection. This essay reviews relevant literature and aims to offer healthcare workers the most accurate information about personal protection against arthropod-associated diseases.