External Quality Assessment of Enterovirus Testing of Laboratories Contracted for the Testing of Viral Infections

Sun HC

2003 Vol.19 NO.8

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To assess the accuracy in the isolation and differentiation of enteroviruses of laboratories under contract, the Center for Disease Control conducted, in early March 2001 before the expected attack of the enterovirus epidemic, proficiency testing of 11 laboratories under contract to correctly understand the trend of enterovirus infection, and to upgrade the quality of overall disease control. Each laboratory was supplied with nine specimens. Upon receipt of the specimens, the laboratories were told to isolate viruses with cell strains routinely in use. Positive specimens were then assessed by immunofluorescent assay. Laboratories could, on their own decision, use neutralization test, PCR and gene sequencing for further confirmation. However, typing by fluorescence was used as a basis for the assessment.