The First Imported Case of Chikungunya Fever in Taiwan

Jhy-Wen Wu

2007 Vol.23 NO.5

Correspondence Author: Jhy-Wen Wu


On 23rd of November 2006, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed the first imported case of Chikungunya fever in Taiwan. The case was studying in Singapore at the time and hyperthermia was detected by infrared thermometer when the case entered Taiwan through Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on 20th of November. Blood samples taken by CDC for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) on the 23rd of November were positive and Chikungunya fever was confirmed. Since Chikungunya fever was endemic in islands of Indian ocean and countries of southeastern Asia in 2006, CDC started to monitor disease-transmitting mosquitoes and fever cases entering through Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Dengue fever and Chikungunya fever are both transmitted by Aedes species and shared many common risk factors. Hence, it carries a risk for outbreaks to occur in Taiwan by these imported viruses. People should therefore have proper self-protecting measures to avoid mosquito bites when entering areas where Chikungunya fever are endemic, such as southeastern Asia and Africa, in order to reduce the risk of infection.