First Female AIDS Case in Taiwan Area

Drs M.S. Tsai

1988 Vol.4 NO.9

Correspondence Author:


A 36 year-old female, suspected prostitute, who had cough, chest pain, dyspnea, poor appetite, eight loss, and intermittent fever for 8-9 days came to the Emergency room of Kaohsiung medical college Hospital on May 29. 1988. The general physical examination showed: body weight 46 Kg, normal temperature. tachypnea and tachycardia. blood pressure 90/40 mmHg, clear consciousness, mild anemia on conjunctiva. no jaundice on sclera. no abnormality of skin. soft neck, no heart murmur bibasilar inspiratory crackles over both lung field, no hepatomegaly or splenomegaly, no pitting edema on lower limbs, cyanosis of finger nails and nonpalpable lymph nodes. Blood examination showed; RBC. 4.66x106/mm3, Hb.9.7 g/dl, Hct. 31.2%. normal platelet count. The patient left the hospital with some improvement of respiration. The Arterial blood gas showed serious hypoxia (PaO2= 36 mmHg on Room Air), Chest X-ray revealed 5 lobe interstitial pulmonary infiltration. The patient was requested by mail to return to the hospital under suspicious of some specific pulmonary infection.