Cluster of Melioidosis after Typhoon Morakot in Tainan City

Chiao-Wen Lin

2009 Vol.25 NO.10

Correspondence Author: Chiao-Wen Lin


In August 2009, Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan, bringing the largest amount of rainfalls in 50 years. Morakot caused severe flooding and landslide in southern Taiwan. After the storm, Tainan City received reports of 6 suspected melioidosis cases; all were later confirmed by the Research and Diagnostic Center. Of the cases, four were male and two female. Three of the cases had wounds and history of contact with floodwater or mud; two of the cases had wounds but no history of contact with floodwater or mud; and one case had no wounds nor contact history. Areas with flooding or confirmed cases should increase public awareness regarding melioidosis. Immunocompromised persons, including those with diabetes mellitus or chronic renal insufficiency, should avoid contact with floodwater or mud. The public should be educated to seek medical care and report to the health department when suspected symptoms occur.
Keywords: Typhoon Morakot, Melioidosis