Analysis and Testing for AIDS in 92 Homosexuals at a Private Party

Wang SF

2004 Vol.20 NO.5

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On January 17, 2004, the local Chungshan Police Station arrested and investigated 92 homosexuals participating in a drug/sex party at a private residence. Blood specimens of the involved were collected for testing by the Taipei Venereal Disease Center and later verified by the Virology Laboratory of the Center for Disease Control. Of the 92 specimens, 28 tested positive for AIDS, yielding a high rate of 30%. 23 of them tested positive for syphilis, at a rate of 25%. Of the 28 AIDS positive cases, 14 had already been reported and registered by the local health authorities for treatment/follow-up, the remaining 14 were new cases. From the subtype analysis of AIDS virus, 89.2% were shown to be of subtype B, and 10.7% were of subtype E. Testing for hepatitis B surface antigen and hepatitis C antibody was also conducted revealing 27 (30.6%) hepatitis B carriers, and 5 (5.4%) anti-HCV IgG positive results.