Status of Hepatitis B immunization Program

1988 Vol.4 NO.6

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To effectively control the infection of hepatitis B in Taiwan and Fukien area, the hepatitis. B immunization program began in Taiwan, the Pescadores, Kinmen, arid Matsu in July 1984,initially to babies born to HBsAg positive mothers at no cost, arid to all newborns beginning July 1986 . The immunization schedule is shown in Table 1.Expectent mothers are encouraged to take hepatitis tests. Babies born to} HBeAg (-) or low HBsAg RPHA value (lower than 2,560) mothers are given one dose of hepatis B vaccine each at one, five and nine weeks after birth arid at 12th month; babies born to HBeAg (+) or high HBsAg RPHA value (equal to or higher than 2,560 times) are given one dose of IIG within 24 hours after birth in addition to the four doses of hepatitis B vaccines. (Tables 1). Test results of expectant mothers and information of babies vaccinated with HBIG and/or hepatitis B vaccines are sent to the Information Center of the Department of Health for. follow-up and statistical analysis. In addition to health bureaus and stations, 1081 hospitals and clinics have been contracted for the immunization program.